that bitch crazy.

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hey sis

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9 Favorite pictures of Haley/Brooke - Love them both so much! <33

Asked by my myfairytailending <33 Thank you bb!

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Best Braley Scene EVER! :)


“I’ve known Sophia Bush closely for almost 10 years and I can honestly say she is one of the loveliest and smartest women I know. She is deeply sensitive and compassionate and an absolute fanatic about defending the undefended. We have laughed & cried together and laughed until we’ve cried together, gossiped about and to each other, fought with and for each other, sat on rooftops together, watched the sun come up with strong cups of coffee together, said terrible things and beautiful things to each other, borrowed clothes, gone shopping, eaten amazing food, cooked and drank together… and through it all we have survived as the two old broads of One Tree Hill, closer than ever …”

- Bethany Joy Lenz


braley &lt;3